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Image of Eastern approach into Kippax.
Eastern approach into Kippax.

Welcome to the Kippax Village web site. This aim of this site is to provide you with the most up to date information regarding the businesses and shops that keep the village and its surrounding areas alive!

If you need a hair cut, fuel for your car, something to eat or drink, take some exercise, have a bet on the horses, buy some property, you will most likely find the necessary phone numbers, addresses and the opening times in this web site.

The History page

A history page gives a brief history of Kippax from late Saxon times to the present - my thanks to local historian Mr E Pickles for his contribution!

Site Navigation (top of each page)

At the moment, there are only three areas to navigate to - additional areas will be added, as and when required. Simply click on any area you wish to investigate or, alternatively, use the [TAB], [SHIFT+TAB] key combinations and then the [RETURN] key to navigate the site.

Certain businesses have their own external web sites and email links and, where appropriate, provision is made on the detail pages via the search page.

The Search page

The most important area of this site is the search page. Once there, simply pick any number of choices from the drop down lists and then click the "search" button. If your search is successful, you will be presented with a table of names, locations and telephone numbers. Each line of information is a link to full details of any particular business or service in Kippax and the surrounding areas.

The Gallery page

You may find it easier to locate the business you are looking for by browsing through a gallery of images. Each image in the gallery is a direct link to its associated business - you are just one click away!


If you need to email me, then nothing could be simpler! The "contact" email link is at the top right hand corner of every page.

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